Ghetto Rags Detroit is a historical site and is the place of origin of many street legends in the Detroit area. It is a must visit if you are interested in gaining a history of the city and its people. It is also a good place to see the history of street hustlers in the Detroit area.We always love seeing our Ghetto Rags Detroit chapter sporting the GR streetwear.  Ghetto Rags is forged by artists all over the globe (Detroit, Venice, LA, Germany, Czech Republic, England, just to name a few spots).

History Of The Ghetto Rags Detroit

During the good old days, the Italian Mob (or the droids if you like) ruled the roost. In fact, their awe inspiring control over the city was enough to keep the mayor on his toes and relegate the infamous cab driver to the corner office. This, coupled with the sexiest of all cities, produced a slew of shady characters. One of these was a jack of all trades named Jimmy Hoffa, who wowed the local constabularies with his contract arrangements and flimsy escorts. Of course, all of these players tended to be boozed up after a few too many. The aforementioned ephemeral scoundrel ain’t a bad guy in a pinch, and he proved his worth by ensuring Litwak’s safekeeping.Of course, the gang of thieves would be a lot worse off if a few more cops were on the beat, namely, Jimmy Hoffa and his merry band of underlings. Indeed, one might say the octo octose, and if you’re in the city you’d be well advised to pack a bag. This also means that you’ll be in the clout of a host of gypsies, and for the eagle eyed amongst us, you’ll need to do a bit of street snatching to stay alive.

History Of Street Legends In Detroit

During the crack era of the late 1980s and 1990s, Detroit became a hotbed for drug trafficking and a place where many lives were lost. This was marked by a large amount of bloodshed and a series of horrific gang-related killings. One of the most legendary street figures of all time is White Boy Rick. At the age of seventeen, Rick rose to power as a drug kingpin in Detroit. He has been profiled in numerous books, magazines, and street DVDs.Another legendary Detroit figure is Pappy Mason. This former drug game soldier ruled the streets in the mid-80s and is known for his violent crimes. He was profiled in a number of street DVDs and in Street Legends Vol. 1: Death Before Dishonor. The Purple Gang was a bootlegger mob that operated in the Hastings Street neighborhood in the Lower East Side of Detroit. The gang was at odds with other gangs. In addition, the gang was extremely violent. The Purple Gang was a very successful group and was known for their ruthlessness. The Italian Mob operated the streets of Detroit from the beginning of Prohibition to the height of the heroin trade. They ruled Detroit’s underworld for five years. During that time, many members of the group were convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit.

History Of Street Huskers In Detroit

During the 19th century, Detroit began expanding along Jefferson Avenue and Fort Street. By the mid-century, Detroit had a population of over 1.5 million people. In fact, Detroit was the largest city in Michigan and fourth largest in the United States. In the 1920s, Detroit became a world class industrial powerhouse. Detroit has a history of racial segregation. Decades of racist housing policies bled urban neighborhoods of basic living conditions. The Great Migration brought hundreds of thousands of Blacks to Detroit. But these Blacks were still spatially segregated from whites. They lived in poorly maintained neighborhoods and had to make high down payments on housing.In the 1950s, Detroit’s population grew to 83 percent white. The Great Migration, World War II, and suburbanization caused economic hardships for Black Detroiters. The city’s population has yet to return to its 1950s growth rates. Detroit has a colorful history. The city is home to landmarks such as the Cobo Center, the Ford Motor Company Building, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. These landmarks are now restored and host concerts and plays. Detroit has also seen its share of arson and drug crimes. Aside from Detroit’s historical landmarks, there are also some modern landmarks. Woodward Avenue is also called M-1 and is a 21-mile stretch of road that runs through the city. It became the official state highway in 1913. In 2004, Compuware established its world headquarters in downtown Detroit.

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