Making free time and going to markets for shopping platform is a strenuous task be it a retailer or a customer. But thanks to the 21st century and the innovation of media and the internet that has made this mammoth world is a global village. E-commerce is rampant and extremely fruitful.  In Pakistan, digital businesses of clothing shoes and other related to fashion are t peak since the covid and that was the time that gave a boost to all online businesses, across the country.

Konjae | An Online Wholesale Textile Market

There are plenty of online clothing stores in Pakistan that are serving digitally. But when it comes to wholesale clothing textiles, Konjae is the synonym. Konjae is Pakistan’s first-ever platform for wholesale textile clothing, functioning online. The mission of the company is to take Pakistan;’s textile industry to the highest level of digitalization by using technological development and giving convenience to wholesalers, retailers, and resellers.

Need For Online Platforms in Textile Industry

The wholesale industry is well-grown and developed by cloth manufacturers and retailers but still there are some loopholes that still damage the working procedures of the retailers. The biggest one of them is the unavailability of an online wholesale platform for textile businessmen including retailers, wholesalers, resellers, young entrepreneurs, and even women entrepreneurs, etc. In such a situation, the dire need of the hour was the introduction of An Online Platform For Wholesale Clothing. Konjae began this initiative by providing a platform from where you can purchase all your wholesale clothing at very affordable prices and discounts.

Wide Range Of Products

With Konjae you have access to multiple clothing brands in Pakistan. You can buy wholesale branded clothing for men and women both. Konjae offers brands including:

  • Zoella
  • Ghalib Latha
  • Adan Libas
  • Jacquard
  • Safa Noor
  • Bin Rafiq
  • Tawakkal
  • Lala G
  • Khas
  • Pretty Robe
  • Rashid Textile
  • Saya
  • Gul Ahmed
  • Lime Light
  • Zellbury
  • Bonanza Satrangi
  • Dawood Textile
  • Ittehad
  • Mizaj
  • Reliance + Rangoli
  • Ajwa Textiles
  • Beech Tree
  • Kataan
  • BinSaeed
  • Johra
  • Riwayat
  • Florence Fashion
  • Keysha
  • Schick by M.I. Creations

100 % Originality Of The Brands

All the above-mentioned brands that Konjae offers are 100 percent original. When it comes to the quality of the fabric, then Konjae is unmatchable in the wholesale clothing industry of Pakistan. Konjae has all original and genuine brands to offer with no master copies and replicas. This is one of the biggest differences between konjae and other wholesale platforms. All the brands are directly brought from the mills and manufacturing industries and then sent to retailers and resellers. While buying online wholesale clothing either for men or women, now choose Konjae as your reliable partner.

Affordable deals and Discounts For You

In this rampant inflation, every wholesaler and retailer is in search of an affordable wholesale platform that offers products that are within the means of all who are wholesale purchasers across Pakistan. Konjae helps small clothing business owners and entrepreneurs who have started a home-based business, by being economical and cheaper than the normal wholesalers. So in this way, they can grow their business with the least investments.

Delivering Your Products At Your Desired Location

Konjae is delivering the products at your given locations. There are some platforms that do give deliveries but it’s not in a safer and more secure way. Konjae involves a third party in the shipping of the products and ensures the safe arrival of your product without any loss to it. Whether it is clothes and not a fragile material still it needs to be protected and kept away from liquids, oils, etc. Konjae ensures you a safer delivery at your shops and homes.

Now Save Your Time

It saves you time, as retailers have to go to cloth manufacturing industries mostly located in Faislabad and Karachi and some in Lahore too. But with Konjae, you are just ordering online from your phone or laptop and the order will be delivered to your shop and home without any inconvenience caused.While wrapping things up, we would just love to say that for a better and quicker experience buy your next wholesale clothing online from Konjae and get all the above-demonstrated benefits.


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