Clothes give an impression of our personality. Imagine a boy wearing clothes shorter than his size or a girl wearing completely mismatched clothes. What impression will they give about their personality? Of course, not a good one!

So, it is imperative to consider the following factors wherever you are selecting or buying clothes for yourself. 

Identify Your Choice/ Need

The first factor is to think carefully about what exactly is your demand. What is the thing you need? By identifying your need and want, you will easily filter out looking for other things and find a direction for buying clothes. It will also save you time. 

The other factor is that you must wear it. If you buy clothes you don’t want or need, they will only cover the space in your cupboard. You would not consider that in reality if that suits you, but you will only think that you don’t like it, so that’s why you are not wearing it. 

First step is to consider whether you want simple clothes, embroidery clothes or formal clothes then you can easily buy them. 

Cost and Price

Money is an important factor for survival. Spending it wisely is our obligation. So whenever you buy clothes, keep in mind their price. Do you observe that the cloth deserves that price or not? Keep in mind whether you should pay this much for it or not. 

The price varies from shop to shop and brand to brand. 

So, first, roam around, do window shopping and have an estimate about the clothes price you want to buy and then buy within your budget. 

The important tip here is always to buy clothes online at wholesale or for yourself , within your budget so you won’t have to face any financial strain later. 

Quality Of The Clothes

Always prioritize the quality of the clothes while buying because you are investing your time and money in selecting that article. Therefore, fine good quality clothes always so you can use them long-term. 

There are three types of qualities in  clothes;

The Original Articles: The clothes that are purely original and have the best quality.

The Master copies/ Replicas: Master copies and replicas are copies of original articles with a slight difference in quality.  

The Second Copy: The second copies of the clothes are the copies that are made with major changes in front of the actual article and additions or subtractions in design, colours, etc. the quality of the second copies is low, and they are cheap too, but they are not reliable fabrics. 


After quality, what matters most is choosing the right fabric for you. You need to focus on the fabric that is used in the dress. For example, if you buy a gift for someone who does not like silk fabric, that person will never use that dress because the fabric makes the clothes and dresses worth it. 

Similarly, some people have liked fabrics and only wear that specific fabric. For explain, cotton fabric is very common and likeable in men, and similarly, women love to wear lawns in summer, not another summer fabrics.

There are many fabrics: lawn, cotton, chiffon, net, wool, leather, silk, etc. So always look at the season and climate too so that it won’t be a waste. 

Trending Color and Fashion

Trending fashion and colour are the most important factor when buying clothes. Because if you are investing your time and money in a valuable article, you must look good, which would happen when the dress is of the latest trending colour and fashion. 

Colours are the mirrors of our personality, so when buying clothes, it’s one of the important factors to pick the colour that compliments your personality. First, see the occasion and then choose the colour. For example, if it’s a night event, you must choose a bold colour as it will make you obvious, and if it’s the day, choose a neutral, basic, or pastel colour. Similarly, choose a light theme that gives a professional and sophisticated look if it’s something official. But if it is a black-themed party and you wear white, it will spoil the whole vibe of the party. So always focus on this factor. 

The next step is trending fashion. Style is the element that controls our personality and affects it. Its example can be that if you wear something from the 1960s now you will not look good in it and you will not get any compliment from anyone. Similarly, if someone is wearing a kid’s style dress, they will not look good. Always focus on trending fashion and style whenever you want to buy a new dress. 

Fashion gives a style statement to your personality and enhances it. So wearing the perfect stylish and trendy dress is important to look aesthetically beautiful and sophisticated wherever you go. 


This list will help you buy the clothes when you go shopping the next time. And for an even easier experience, you can visit Konjae, Pakistan’s first-ever online platform for wholesale textiles. It is a  platform that provides services for wholesalers, retailers, resellers, and wholesale suppliers. Konjae gives all the high-quality branded clothes at very economical prices and delivery to your doorstep. 

So while buying clothes next time, keep in mind all the above-given factors and the most important one, make sure to shop from Konjae!

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